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This year's theme (9 June 2022) is Integrity and Corruption in the Health Sector. One of the main hindrances blocking the fuller realization of the Millennium Development Goals was the devastating human and environmental impact of corruption in all its forms. The same is true for the Sustainable Development Goals now, 2015-2030.

Global Integrity Day, launched on 9 June 2020, is a positive day to reflect, teach, and collaborate on ways to integrate integrity in all we do throughout the entire year.

Global Integrity Day is a strategic day to promote a) cultivating lifestyles, cultures, and systems of integrity from the individual through the international levels; b) joining together to understand and address the causes and consequences of corruption in its many forms; and c) working towards just and equitable societies marked with wellbeing for all people and for the planet. Global Integrity Day is a solemn day to consider our ways: if we are lying and/or stealing in any way big or small, then we need to stop it. If we need to right a wrong we have done, then do so. If we need to prudently confront wrongdoing, preferably in solidarity with colleagues for mutual support and greater impact, then do so.

Global Integrity Day is a companion day to complement UN International Anti-Corruption Day, 9 December (and vice versa). Both Days are rallying points, six months apart, for fostering common ground, organizing events, sharing initiatives, and involving the public.

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