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Updated: Aug 29, 2023


Integrity Catalysts Curated Resource List


download short version:

Integrity Catalysts Curated Resource List-short version 22July2022
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Integrity Catalysts Curated Resource List-annotated version 22July2022
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I. Key Materials (Books, Articles, Guides, etc.)

1. DISCIPLE MAKING - Educating and Awareness for Integrity and Anti-Corruption

by David Bennett, Lausanne Global Analysis (January 2015, Volume 4/Issue 1).

by Paula Gooder, Bible Society UK (2014).

Do We Care About Corruption? How Integrity Can Tame the Beast of Bribes and Extortion by Manfred Kohl, Lausanne Global Analysis (May 2019, Volume 8/Issue 3).

by Martin Allaby. Regnum Books International (2018).

by Roberto Laver, Regnum Books International (2018).

2. DISCIPLE MATURING - Equipping and Training for Integrity and Anti-Corruption

by Jane Overstreet, an “Advance Paper” for the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, based on a survey about Christians in leadership (2010).

by Richard King, Regnum Books International (2018).

by Arpit Waghmare, Lausanne Global Analysis (November 2012, Volume 1/Issue 1).

by Paul Batchelor and Steve Osei-Menash, Lausanne Global Conversation (2010)

by Caroll Tavris and Elliot Aronson (2020, 3rd edition)

3. DISCIPLE MOBILIZING - Engaging and Action for Integrity and Anti-Corruption

by Kelly O’Donnell and Michèle Lewis O’Donnell, Lausanne Global Analysis (March 2018).

by Robert Osborne, Wilberforce Press (2016).

by Shaazka Beyerle, Lynne Rienner Publishers (2014).

by Gershon Mwiti, Nairobi Academic Press (2016).

from Member Care Update, Member Care Associates (July 2018).


II. Key Organizations (Conferences, Campaigns, Research)




III. Key Video Clips on Integrity and Corruption


IV. Key Definitions of Integrity and Corruption

Integrity is moral wholeness - living consistently in moral wholeness.

Global integrity is living consistently in moral wholeness at all levels - individual, interpersonal, institutional, and international; across sectors and settings; local through global; the systemic and structural.” Global Integrity Day - 9 June

Corruption is moral rottenness, the opposite of integrity - the distortion, perversion, and deterioration of moral goodness, resulting in the abuse and exploitation of people and the planet. It is integroty.

Corruption is "the abuse of entrusted power for private gain." Transparency International

Corruption is "a system of abuse of entrusted power for private, collective, or political gain--often involving a complex, intertwined set of relationships, some obvious, others hidden, with established vested interests that can operate vertically within an institution or horizontally across political, economic, and social spheres of society and transnationally."

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